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No time for self grooming? don't feel like stepping out on the ONLY Sunday off to visit the nearest Salon? Traveling early next morning and need someone to give you a quick makeover, but no time to step out of home? You dont't have to worry anymore.. plank is the ANSWER to all your beauty needs! Sit back, relax and enjoy salon services and treatments of world class standards within the comforts of your home. A Home Salon and Spa that arrives right at your doorstep complete with an experienced team of trained beauty experts, international quality of product and linen, giving you the experience and feel of a world class Salon and spa at your home.

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Hair care

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Age defy
Age defying Wine Facial
This rejuvenating facial improves moisture levels of the skin, firmness and elasticity. Red grape extracts help reduc... More

Anti Oxi
Anti Oxidant Orange AHA facial (SARA)
Rich in Vitamin C & anti oxidants, this refreshing facial will help treat pimples, reduce open pores, lighten &am... More

Aroma Pe
Aroma Pearl Skin Brightening facial
Ideal for young and delicate skin, it clears the skin of impurities and makes it glow like pearls. It works very well... More

Back, Ne
Back, Neck and shoulder Massage
Stress, pollution and constant pressure not only takes a toll on your health but your skin as well! Body polish is a ... More

Basic Cl
Basic Clean up
In a hurry? Opt for our express clean-up that exfoliates, removes black heads and reduces tan More

Blissfully Radiant Rose Facial
This Richfeel royal rose extract facial is a revitalizing formula to counteract the effects of stress on the face. It... More

Blow Dry
Blow Dry
Have a party to rush for? Whether you want to wear your hair straight or curly, we will help you get the look! More

Body mas
Body massage
An ancient and effective massage technique that involves applying pressure along the energy lines of the body that st... More

Body pol
Body polishing + body massage + body wrap
Are you taking care of your skin? This is a renewing experience for the body which includes an exfoliation scrub, bod... More

Body Pol
Body Polishing or Body Wrap
Stress, pollution and constant pressure not only takes a toll on your health but your skin as well! Body polish is a ... More

Change o
Change of Polish
Change of nail color can do wonders to your mood and pep up your attire. Choose from our range of colors that match y... More

Classic cut, file and polish
In a hurry.. But still wish for well-groomed nails? Then this is for you! More

Classic Daadima Champi Coconut,Almond,Aroma
What better way to de-stress than a dose of dadima’s head massage. The ultimate relaxation after a long day More

Classic Manicure & Pedicure
Your nails and feet deserve the best attention. Sit back and relax, while our experts pamper you More

A super-fast and effective way to get rid of dead skin More

Face lif
Face lifting pack
Instantly tightens the skin and reduces wrinkles More

Healthy, good looking skin is a product of regular skin care. Facials are an essential part of your overall skin care... More

Painless and hygienic waxing that smells excellent – giving you a very good after feel! What’s more, it a... More

Forever Young Banana Facial
Banana, which is rich in Vitamin A, B, E and minerals is an excellent anti-ageing agent! It tightens and moisturizes ... More

French c
French cut, file and polish
Spend a few minutes to get classy, elegant looking nails More

French M
French Manicure & Pedicure
Well-groomed hands and feet are a mirror to your personality. A procedure that polishes your hands/feet, giving them ... More

Fruit Cl
Fruit Clean up
The freshness of fruits and their anti-toxin effect can do wonders to your skin More

Fruit Fa
Fruit Facial
What better way to pamper your skin than treat it with the most exotic fruits – the ultimate rejuvenation, espe... More

Fruit pa
Fruit pack
Gives you soft, glowing skin instantly! More

Hair is the most essential asset of a woman, a well done hair cut or styling can do wonders to one’s look and g... More

Hair Was
Hair Wash/conditioning/Blow Dry
What can be better than ending your hair wash with a perfect blow dry that will help you get the perfect look you des... More

Hair Was
Hair Wash/Conditioning/Normal Dry
Allow our experts to give you a clean and refreshing hair wash and conditioning More

Naturally fair milk and honey facial
A natural 8 step treatment that will instantly lighten, brighten and provide natural bleach to the skin. An excellent... More

O3+ Whit
O3+ Whitening
A must when you have a party or a special occasion to attend! O3+ facial is the most exotic and extremely effective s... More

Party Re
Party Ready papaya facial
The benefits of Papaya have been talked about since time immemorial. A special enzyme called papain kills dead skin a... More

Pearl Wh
Pearl White Facial
An excellent facial to get rid of tan, works wonders in improving one’s skin tone. Ideal before an occasion More

Raga Ski
Raga Skin Recharge Platinum Facial
Raga Skin Recharge Platinum Facial: This facial recharges and energizes your skin. It influences skin at the cellular... More

Raga Str
Raga Strawberry Whitening Facial
This advanced facial treatment helps repair the damages caused by dirt & pollution. Strawberries are rich in Vit ... More

The treatment is a pressure therapy that involves applying focused pressure to certain reflex points of the desired a... More

Richfeel Brahmi Hair Spa
A natural hair treatment that treats hair problems like dandruff, hair fall, scaling, itchy scalp etc More

Richfeel Herbal Whitening Facial
Suffering from tan but worries about harsh products? Richfeel skin whitening facial is a powerful formula that i... More

Shahnaz 24 Carat Gold
The ultimate facial that uses 24 carat pure gold on your skin. This facial not only rejuvenates and nourishes the ski... More

Shahnaz Eternally Youthful Chocolate
Our Signature treatment - A complete feel good facial with powerful anti-aging properties. Rejuvenates tired and dull... More

Shahnaz Flower Facial
Suitable for sensitive skin, this rejuvenating facial works well on dull skin. It helps balance moisture levels ... More

Shahnaz Pure White Pearl
This hydrating facial drenches your skin with moisture and nutrients. It is a relaxing treatment that makes your skin... More

Skin Nou
Skin Nourishing Almond facial
Almonds are rich in antioxidants that cleanse the skin of toxins, effectively reduce the damage caused from pollution... More

Spa Mani
Spa Manicure and Pedicure
Why not enjoy a therapeutic spa pedicure that hydrates and detoxifies your skin. Indulge in a sensory treat that gets... More

Strawberry Whitening Facial
This advanced facial treatment helps repair the damages caused by dirt & pollution. Strawberries are rich in Vit ... More

VLCC Anti-tan facial
The heat is leaving you all tanned? We have a solution; this anti-tan treatment will reduce the effect of UV rays on ... More

Yummylicious Strawberry Crystal Manicure and Pedicure
Fall in love with your hands and feet all over again with our Signature Treatment! Entice your senses with the essenc... More

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