Is Hair Rebonding harmful for hair?

Is Hair Rebonding harmful for hair?

Is Hair Rebonding harmful for hair?  Thinking of going for rebonding but I'm skeptical about the side effects. People tell me that chemicals woud damage the hair permanently. Are they right?

Rebonding uses strong chemicals which may damage your hair. Rebonding needs good care.
Alisha (8 posts) 

yes, hair rebounding , coloring is bad for hair.

it burns our hair.

remove natural shinning.

Shikha (10 posts) 

It harm your hair but,in a month you should go for hair spa or oil massage every week.

Supriya (20 posts) 

yes, it makes your hair dry and rough.

nisha (10 posts) 

No not really.

Poly (12 posts) 

Hair becomes fragile and needs utmost care after the treatment. You cannot tie your hair for the first month of the treatment nor can you tuck it behind your ears. If you do so the results can be disastrous. 


The heat can damage your skin and scalp. In some cases they get burnt also. The damage can be experienced if the chemicals remain for long on the hair or the temperature of the metal plates is very high than required. 


Maintaining the rebounded hair means regular touch ups at least within 6 months after the treatment. 


The loss of hair is because toxic chemicals are used in rebonding of hair. This puts you to additional risk of hair loss. Your hair will get weaker every time you go for a touch up. 


If you do not take proper care and follow the instructions of your hair stylist, it can turn into a disaster also. 


If the rebonding of the hair is not done with a reputed salon, it might result fizzy and you might end up in a very miserable condition.

rinci (12 posts) 

It burns your hair completely.

 you have to take care of your hair by doing oiling

shipra (12 posts) 

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