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Renowned as the world's first Spa Gurukulam, Puretouch Spa Academy offers courses on International Spa Therapy and Vedic Therapy. We ensure a 100% successful, highly paid and professional alternative career option to our students. Started it's operations in January 2009 in Kerala, the land of Ayurveda and Vedic therapies, Puretouch Spa Academy holds the pride of hundreds of well known Spa professionals in our former student's list and a good number of enthusiastic students undergoing various courses in our campuses. Our international credence is due to the veracious standards we adhere to in our syllabus and teaching methods. What makes Puretouch Spa unique and captivating is the concept of "Solus Per Art'. Solus Per Art, in its most transparent form, means healing through art. The healer and healed dimensions are diverted into Artistic methods of therapeutic perfection in 'Solus Per Art' concept. Puretouch Spa abides with the concept of the power of touch in healing therapies. Puretouch is not just massages but relegating healing power to the healed by a trained & skilled professional. Puretouch Spa offers a number of courses which make a student a qualified and certified spa professional as well as a member of Puretouch spa network. As ayurveda has been acclaimed as an effective alternative medicinal branch, spa is the next generation health and wellbeing option; thus spa professional are in greater demand today. Puretouch Spa, in association with GSPA (Global Spa Professional Association), target to benefit people from all folks of society who are willing and dedicated to be part of the well growing spa industry. Spa industry, today, is integrated with hospitality industry like star hotels, luxury cruise ships, wellness centers, health clubs, fitness centers, medical institutions etc… We admit only limited number of students to provide quality training and professional skills. We also offer online courses on Spa Therapy Management. Online courses facilitate contact classes, lectures through video conferencing and anytime online assistance to our students. Our R&D team is ever vigilant to adapt the latest spa therapy possibilities. Well qualified and professionally experienced trainers render dedicated attention to each student. Our courses range from baseline training to advanced training to working spa professionals. We are driven by the motive of contributing skilled & trained professional to global spa industry. Our syllabus features International spa therapies, Beauty therapy, Kerala Ayurveda, Spa Yoga and much more. Puretouch spa academy is not just a place of spa training rather and abode of holistic skill adaptation academy. Our curriculum ensures each student to come out as professionally accomplished, technically sound & splendidly skillful. Puretouch Spa Academy is headed by Mr.Shameer Mundol, the Managing Director of Pure touch spa Pvt Ltd, who is a pioneer among the Indian spa professionals. Being a globally recognized personality in the spa industry, he has in his credit the experience of travelling around the world indulging in researches on spa industry and the years of experience working with well known cruise lines and global hospitality industry. He is also the honorary member of the faculty & the advisory committee member of the world renowned Dhanawantari ayurveda group, Kerala, India. Puretouch Spa and 'Solus Per Art' and conceptualized and designed & launched by Mr.Shameer, the Founder and President of GSPA. 'Solus Per Art', today is the most sought after spa technology today, which has its training program only in Puretouch Spa Academy.

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Pure Touch Spa Pv.t Ltd., 2nd Floor, Papali Enclave, Providence Road Jn., Kacherippady, Ernakulam Dt, Kerala, India.

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Mon 11.00 AM - 9.00 PM
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Sat 11.00 AM - 9.00 PM
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Pure Touch Spa Pv.t Ltd., 2nd Floor, Papali Enclave, Providence Road Jn., Kacherippady, Ernakulam Dt, Kerala, India.

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