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A world away from the ordinary, this 85-room resort is framed at every vantage point by nature at its most spectacular. The world’s highest ski lift, the Gulmarg Gondola – which takes you to Kongdoori Mountain, is only a short walk away. Meadows and forests that have enchanted travellers for centuries wait to be explored by trekking enthusiasts and undying romantics. Clad in locally sourced pine and slate, the resort is built in a style true to the architectural heritage of Kashmir. In every way the indoors mirror the beauty of the outdoors. Speciality restaurants, a cigar lounge, a well-appointed spa and a heated swimming pool are amongst the necessary luxuries in place. Add to these other thoughtful additions like our children’s club, a mini theatre and a dedicated Activities Concierge and you will find The Khyber is a resort at par with the best in the world. Khyber Himalayan Resort and Spa is located in the renowned resort area of Gulmarg in Kashmir, regarded as one of the best year-round tourist destinations in India and was recently rated one of the top five ski destinations in Asia by CNN. The resort is ideally situated next to the world-famous Gulmarg Gondola and will be the closest hotel to the gondola in the area. At 13,000 feet, the gondola is the highest ski lift in the world, carrying up to 600 skiers per hour up to the ninth highest peak of the Himalayan Mountain Range. In addition to skiing, other popular winter activities include snowboarding, sledding and horse drawn sleigh rides. During the spring and summer, the Gulmarg Valley is blanketed with more than 21 varieties of wildflowers, earning it the name, “Meadow of Flowers.” Khyber Mountain Resort and Spa will offer a host of spring and summer activities including mountain hiking, gondola rides, mountain biking, horseback riding, kayaking, rock climbing, trout fishing, white water rafting, parasailing, hang gliding, photography safaris, and jeep excursions. The resort will feature a year-round Activities Concierge dedicated to assisting guests with planning activities in the area and with those offered at the resort, such as a movie theatre and club, Igloo Kid’s Club, a ski club and summer activities club. Khyber Mountain Resort and Spa guest rooms include one- and two-bedroom cottages with full kitchens and one four-bedroom Presidential Cottage. Four food and beverage outlets include Cloves Restaurant; Chaikash Tea Lounge; Calabash, a Moroccan cigar and hookah lounge; and Nouf terrace lounge. The resort also will have Paradeez gardens and amphitheatre; retail outlets; ski shop; Alaya spa and fitness center; indoor pool; and more than 10,000 square feet of meeting, banquet and event space. Located at one of the most awe inspiringly beautiful places on earth, the resort promises a once in a life time experience for its visitors. Breathtaking vistas of the highest mountain ranges in the Himalayas, the world’s highest golf course which converts into a skiing paradise in winters and the world’s highest ski-gondola ride are just a few of the attractions of the resort. The resort promises pristine beauty of the Himalayas, thrilling adventures all year round, a wellness abode at its Himalayan signature ALAYA spa, the local essence of the culturally rich Kashmir and unmatched luxury hospitality to make your trip truly memorable.

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Hotel Khyber Rd, Gulmarg, Jammu and Kashmir 193403

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Hotel Khyber Rd, Gulmarg, Jammu and Kashmir 193403

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