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Moksha is situated in the Shivalik Ranges amidst tall Pine Trees at a Height of over 5000 feet besides the river "Kaushalya" built in the lap of nature. It is an ideal destination for people in love with nature and its creation. Come here to connect with your inner self and rejuvenate your soul. This majestic Himalayan Spa resort is just over 4 hours from New Delhi and is well connected from other important cities by regular flights and trains. With just about 30 minutes from Chandigarh Airport and 10 minutes from the Kalka train station, Moksha Himalaya Spa Resort offers a unique arrival experience by Swiss gondolas which take you across the mesmerizing valley over the river in 8 minutes to our environment of luxury set in the lap of nature and in the privacy of the HIMALAYAS.

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Moksha Himalaya Spa Resort, Ludhiana packages

A Taste
A Taste of Thai
Inspired by traditional Thai healing rituals, this journey is a wonderful introduction to the cultures of Thai People... More

Anti Cel
Anti Cellulite
A perfect package to improve lymph flow and to reduce cellulite. Begin with herbal powder exfoliation focusing on cel... More

Botanical Bliss
A signature creation of Moksha designed for women to reveal healthy beautiful skin. Using the essence of herbs plante... More

Classic Line
A basic maintenance for beautiful hands or feet. Hands or feet will be exfoliated and hydrated, cuticles tidied, nail... More

Classic Manicure or Pedicure
A basic maintenance for beautiful hands or feet. Hands or feet will be exfoliated and hydrated, cuticles tidied, nail... More

Couple R
Couple Retreat Programs
These signature treatments have been created specifically for the ultimate couple get away and presenting a perfect o... More

De - Str
De - Stress Retreat
These programs are designed to address the mind, body and soul, providing you a relief from mental and emotional stre... More

Deluxe C
Deluxe Combo Treatment
Begins with a refreshing botanical soak infused with essential oils followed by nails and cuticles maintenance. Inclu... More

Deluxe S
Deluxe Spa Hand or Foot Care
Hands or feet will be smoothed with anti-oxidant Citrus & Sugar scrub. Nails are filed and shaped to perfection f... More

A basic maintenance for beautiful hands or feet. Hands or feet will be exfoliated and hydrated, cuticles tidied, nail... More

Hammam R
Hammam Rituals
At Moksha, the traditions of Turkey Hammam have evolved in this stylish and tranquil sanctuary where one comes to cle... More

Hand And
Hand And Foot Care
An attention to detailed care for the hands and feet that provides nourishment and prevents dehydration of cuticles a... More

Himalayan Serenity
This spa journey is a tribute to the unique cultures of the Himachal region and a perfect retreat to recharge the bod... More

Jurlique Absolute
A therapy aims to firm, brighten and refresh the delicate skin around the eye area. Using Arnica and Elder cream to e... More

Jurlique Deep Cleanse
This Facial is designed to unclog pores of impurities whilst improve skin tone. Facial includes cleansing, exfoliatio... More

Jurlique Facial Formula for Men
A facial personalised for men. Specific men's products are combined with our unique cleansing regime to provide essen... More

Jurlique Intense Recovery
An intensive facial to treat sun damaged and nutrient deprived skin with natural antioxidant derived From organic her... More

Jurlique Sunburn Sensitivity Facial
A therapy to prolong tan, prevent peeling and saturate your skin with a much needed moisture boost. Lavender hydratin... More

Men's Sp
Men's Sports Manicure
Session includes all of the pampering of a classic manicure with hand exfoliation, nail clipping and cuticle maintena... More

Moksha S
Moksha Signature Journey
A tribute to the unique culture, this spa journey celebrates the rich traditions of the Himachal region and the stimu... More

Moksha S
Moksha Signature Rituals
Adopting the concept of 'skin food' in treatment recipe, natural ingredients that are good enough to eat are applied ... More

Niran Ni
Niran Nirvana
Translates as Heaven for two, time honored therapies are tailored specially for Him and Her. Together you will begin ... More

Sleep We
Sleep Well
 Designed to help you recover from travel fatigue or insomnia due to time zone changes, this treatment includes ... More

Sole Del
Sole Delight
A super hydrating foot care for Men. Feet are cleansed with a detoxifying Citrus & Neem bath soak followed by exf... More

Stress R
Stress Relief
Ideal for those wanting a retreat to release tension. Begins with a Swedish massage combining vigorous strokes, trigg... More

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SCO 137, ABC Chambers, Feroz Gandhi Market, Ludhiana 141001

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Mon 11.00 AM - 9.00 PM
Tue 11.00 AM - 9.00 PM
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SCO 137, ABC Chambers, Feroz Gandhi Market, Ludhiana 141001

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