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Slender Shape Pvt. Ltd. is the best & luxury style Slimming, Beauty, Spa & Fitness centre, that are equipped with the best technology and experienced consultant which will make you feel comfortable and take care of you. Mr. Pawan Gupta is the owner & founder of the Slender Shape Pvt. Ltd. in Ludhiana. Slender Shape Pvt. Ltd. is a popular unisex salon in the city. The centre is specious and has number of therapy and spa rooms along with Sauna and Steam. Slender Shape sure that each and every visitor feels special on every visit. Slender Shape Pvt. Ltd. is today become the fastest growing salon. We bring to you a bouquet of services that pampers you to remain worry free about your looks. We have made effortless beauty care a reality , for anybody who has walked into our salon. The equipment and products we use are of premium quality. Setting trends in beauty care and styling is possible only with rich experience, professionalism and courteous service.

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Slender Shape - BRS Nagar - Ludhiana packages

Air Deto
Air Detox Therapy (ADT)
ADT is Air Detox Therapy which removes toxins from your body with air pressure and helps to reduce weight. It can be ... More

Aroma Ma
Aroma Magic Facial
This facial is for all skin types. In this Herbal Products are used. Aroma is the only product which works on particu... More

Aroma Sp
Aroma Spa
Aroma spa is all season spa and is meant for all skin types which relax your body with the help of essential aroma oi... More

Bleach removes the tanning from the skin and removes the dead cells from your skin and we have normal to internationa... More

Chocolate Facial
This facial is particularly for dry skin and  helps your skin to stay young. More

Chocolate Spa
Chocolate helps your skin to stay young. Chocolate spa is also meant for removing tanning and dryness from the body. ... More

Fresh Fr
Fresh Fruit Facial
In fresh fruit facial, we use fresh fruits according to your skin type which nourishes your skin and gives glow to yo... More

Gold/Silver/Diamond Facial
These are jewel range of facials particularly for Bridals or before Party. More

Hair car
Hair care
We deal with different types of Hair Treatments starting from child hair cut to fresh hair cut , Head Massage, Deep c... More

Instant Glow Facial
As the name suggest this facial gives instant glow. In it glow products are used. More

Laser sl
Laser slim treatment
Laser slim treatment having many benefits it not only reduces obesity but also work for inch loss. This is clinically... More

Mango Sp
Mango Spa
Mango spa is especially for summer season which helps to relax your mind, body and spirit. All of which help soothe, ... More

Manicure & Pedicure
We have wide range of manicures & Pedicures ranging from normal to international which not only relaxes you but a... More

Nail Art
Nail Art
Everyone is being bored with the simple nail prints the trend has come to give smart look to your nails according to ... More

O3+ Seaw
O3+ Seaweed facial
The seaweed helps in curing pimple and wrinkles while maintaining the hydration level at the same time due to its pro... More

O3+ Spec
O3+ Special Men Facial
Men’s skin is 30% thicker and retains greater moisture. With the help of this facial, we can improve the skin&r... More

O3+ Whit
O3+ Whitening Facial
The whitening range helps in giving the skin a fair radiant look and maintaining the moisture level due to its proper... More

Organic Facial
It provides holistic age-specific skincare. These products endow gentle and aesthetic skincare, heal wide array of fa... More

Phytomo Facial
It offers the range of specially tailored products to enhance skin’s appearance. Whether the need is to rejuven... More

Relaxation massage
Basically done to relax your body from hard day’s work and stress. Different types of relaxing oils are used to... More

Rose Win
Rose Wine Spa
People are always looking for something new. So we launched the Rose Wine spa which not only relax you but also remov... More

Sauna &
Sauna & Steam
We also provide premium Sauna and Steam services More

Special Hair Treatments
Hair treatments includes Split ends treatment, Anti-Dandruff Treatment, Sensitive scalp Treatment, Scalp soothing Tre... More

Sterling Sara Facial
In this sara products are used with orange extract which helps to slow down your ageing process. This also helps to r... More

Sun-safe Facial
This facial is best for hot summer days. Help to remove tanning and gives glow and nourishment to your skin. More

It works on targeted area basically on tummy and hips. It works on the principle of using red laser beam to dissolve ... More

We also have new advance therapy ULL, both of these will encourage you to look more slim and beautiful. And main thin... More

Waxing &
Waxing & Threading
It helps to remove the unwanted hairs from the body and smoothes your skin. Honey and Flavored wax is also being done... More

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486, G-Block, BRS Nagar, Sunet Road, Above Allahabad Bank, Ludhiana

Opening Hours

Mon 11.00 AM - 9.00 PM
Tue 11.00 AM - 9.00 PM
Wed 11.00 AM - 9.00 PM
Thu 11.00 AM - 9.00 PM
Fri 11.00 AM - 9.00 PM
Sat 11.00 AM - 9.00 PM
Sun Closed

Cards Accepted Cash, Cheques

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486, G-Block, BRS Nagar, Sunet Road, Above Allahabad Bank, Ludhiana

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