Naturals - MVP Double Road - Visakhapatnam
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Creating a Beautiful World! Naturals was established a decade ago, with a dream to change not just t

Style Chics Beauty Care - M.V.P. - VISAKHAPATNAM
Position: #1 of 15
It is well said that the first impression is the best impression. Especially in our public life it i

Anu Beauty & Obesity Clinic - CBM Compound - Visakhapatnam
Position: #2 of 15
Mrs. Anuradha Rao is a well known cosmetologist. After completing her post graduation, she has under

Bubbles Hair And Beauty - Visakhapatnam
Position: #3 of 15
Personal care is one instance where you not only want the best service but also want to be pampered

Anoos Electrolysis & Obesity - Dwaraka Nagar - VISAKHAPATNAM
Position: #4 of 15
Anoo’s is a beauty solutions provider believing in offering both men and women across all age groups

Aura Spa - Beach Road - Visakhapatnam
Position: #5 of 15
Refresh and rejuvenate your senses at Aura. With a promise to soothe you – body, mind and soul, we i

Heaven On Earth - After Security Check - Visakhapatnam
Position: #6 of 15
VISION: To bring in global wellness concepts, customize them for the audience and make these service

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Keeping up with the corporate mission to promote ‘environment friendly’ technologies, Ayursukha, a s

Elle Passion
Position: #8 of 15
Welcome to the Elle Passion beauty saloon. A place where you’ll discover the most advanced and revol

Element Looks And Wellness
Position: #9 of 15
ELW (Element Looks and Wellness) is an organization of the most exclusive luxurious and elegant comb

Jawed Habib Hair & Beauty Ltd
Position: #10 of 15
Jawed Habib Hair and Beauty Ltd is the leading player in the hair and beauty segment. It is one of t

Shahnaz Husain & Loreal Professional Beauty Clinic
Position: #11 of 15
Shahnaz Husain & Loreal Professional Beauty Clinic’ is a trusted Patna based professional beauty cli

TONI & GUY essensuals 
Position: #12 of 15
TONI&GUY Salons cater to the clients and make them understand the value of our world-renowned educat

Nuyu Unisex Salon - Waltair Uplands - Visakhapatnam
Position: #13 of 15
NuYu is a premium upscale hairstyle and beauty and skin care unisex salon offering creative cuts, st

Studio11 Salon & Spa - Balaji Nagar - Vishakapatnam
Position: #14 of 15
We bring international salon and spa experience to your neighborhood. Our service list ranges across

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Body Pol
Body Polishing
Lavish your skin with one of our indulgent body polishes to come with smooth and radiant skin. Whether it’s you... More

Head Mas
Head Massage
Feel the aches and anxiety fall gently away with our deeply relaxing head massages. You have your choice of a dry hea... More

Quick Ma
Quick Massage
A series of short massages to bring quick relief to aching body parts are on the cards at Studio11. There is the calm... More

Body Mas
Body Massage
Alleviate the tension in your system with a pick of one of our therapeutic full body massages. Whether it’s Dee... More

Essential Facials
The forty five minute long Essential Facials are aptly named: the Fresh Fruit Facial is a burst of restorative vitali... More

Premium Facials
Exceptional ingredients and unmatched care are abundant in our seventy five minute Premium Facials. Whether it’... More

Signature Facials
Sign off from a hard day with one of our luxurious, hour and a half long Signature Facials. Revive mature skin with t... More

Our silver bridal package is a day long stay with full facial threading and a regular full body waxing treatment. The... More

Bridal P
Bridal Package
Our bridal packages are carefully and lovingly designed to offer a trial make up and styling session, sumptuous spa t... More

Fantasy Styling
From hot rollers to tongs and flatirons, our qualified professionals wield the tools of their trade like a magic wand... More

Nail Spa
Nail Spa
Cutting, filing and polishing are our specialities and will give your nails added sheen. We’re only too happy t... More

Foot Spa
Foot Spa
Our foot spa selections include the basic pedicure, French pedicure, Moisturizing pedicure, Anti-oxidant pedicure, Br... More

Hand Spa
Hand Spa
When your hardworking hands need a rest, treat them to manicures ranging from the Basic and French manicures to Anti-... More

Skin gets aged on account of internal and external factors. Internal factors include inability of the skin to retain ... More

Dark cir
Dark circles
A huge percentage of people are prone to have dark circles for reasons ranging from heredity, stress, prolonged expos... More

Skin pigmentation is irregular skin colouring which can be caused by changes in the skin melanin triggered by over ex... More

Acne Tre
Acne Treatment
Skin prone to acne is highly irritable and capable of leaving layers of dead skin and ugly scars behind. Whether trig... More

Brightening Treatment
Skin brightening uses chemical substances in an attempt to lighten skin tone or provide an even skin complexion by le... More

De-tanning treatments
Our de-tanning treatments go beyond mere primping. With our bouquet of top to toe treatments we can actually help und... More

Clean Up
Clean Ups
We believe that the compliments aren’t worth it if the treatment doesn’t complement you. We want to help ... More