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An Exceptional Destination For Holistic Well Being.Surrounded By Abundence Of Nature.Journey Towards

Gigolo Service in Mumbai
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I am 23 year old working in an MNC Company. I am a boy having great personality and loves to have f

Aristo Spa
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We aim to harness the energy of the Balinese spirit to provide a fresh, friendly and comfortable spa

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Flax Aro
Flax Aroma Therapy
Therapy includes clove,sweet birch,rosemary and cypress helps aid tissue recovery after physical exertion. More

Flax Swe
Flax Swedish therapy
Light ralaxing massage that helps in reducing muscle soreness. More

Flax bal
Flax balinese therapy
Therapy originating from bali to give massage which is instantly rejuvenating with dry and oil therapy with medium th... More

Deep tis
Deep tissue
Therapy is beneficial in releasing chronic muscles tension.The tour is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue,tendons... More

Traditional thai massage
A complete thai massage incorporates a traditional combination of point pressure,energy meridian work,and yoga like s... More

Lomi Lom
Lomi Lomi massage
An efficient stress buster as it relieves anxiety and improves your imotional and mental condition.the mild continuou... More

Flax sig
Flax signature Therapy
Swedish,Aroma,various western and thai techniques combined to give Therapy which is instantly rejuvenating. More

Body scr
Body scrub and wrap
Complete regular skin care therapy to remove your dead skins cells gives soothing & nourishment. More

Hot ston
Hot stone Therapy
Therapy melts away tension,eases muscle stiffness and increases circulation and metabolism.Each 1 1/2 hour hot stone ... More

Candle t
Candle therapy
Massage candles are excellent way to nourish,exfoliate and encourage skin cells regeneration. More

Herbal c
Herbal compress
Therapy is done using heated herbal products also known as (potlis) that are used to rejuvenate,nourish and they have... More

Royal Ja
Royal Jacuzzi
An hydro bath with a system of underwater bath with high pressure of shower jet which massages the body to activate b... More