Inchara Ayur Spa
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Involving physicians in the design of therapy Emphasizing on the quality of service delivery. Contin

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Relaxing Aroma ritual
Indulge in this authentic massage style that has been influenced by tradition. An uplifting combination of aroma oils... More

Face Mas
Face Massage
Face Massage (Facial rejuvenation) is a natural facelift through massage. It is designed to be a gentle non-invasive ... More

Rejuvenating Swedish ritual
Boost your energy levels and re-energize your body with the classic Swedish massage that uses rejuvenating seasonal b... More

Hot Lava
Hot Lava Stone ritual
Inspired by the energy healers of the original American tribes, this unique spiritual ritual starts with a deeply rel... More

Back Mas
Back Massage
Back massage is to deliver the utmost relaxation to the back part of the body by using thumb, palm, fingers, forearm ... More

Head and
Head and Shoulder Massage
It is a stimulating massage of upper back, face, neck and head. It's coming from the ancient tradition of oil applica... More

Oriental Foot Reflexology
Perfected by the Oriental medicine, enjoy this relaxing and pampering treatment for tired feet where application of p... More

Body Scr
Body Scrubs
It removes the surface layer of dead cells that make the skin look dull or rough. The polish exposes the fresh, healt... More