Ramada Caravela Beach Resort
Position: #0 of 24
If you are looking for a fully self contained resort that you don't need to leave – for anything – y

Ramada Caravela Beach Resort
Position: #1 of 24
If you are looking for a fully self contained resort that you don't need to leave – for anything – y

Sukhmantra Resort And Spa
Position: #2 of 24
Sukhmantra provides a boutique resort environment to the travelers from across the globe. Cozy rooms

Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa
Position: #3 of 24
Sereno Spa offers holistic massage treatments and a blend of unique therapies inspired by Ayurvedic

Snip Salons & Spa
Position: #4 of 24
Hospitality is our Raison d’être. Generosity and Warmth is our genuine pleasure. Performing

Tattva Elements Spa
Position: #5 of 24
Spa is associated with water 'Solas per Aqua'. These treatments are also known as Balino therapy. S

Maya Spa
Position: #6 of 24
The spa & gymnasium is an adult oriented atmosphere. We do not allow access to children under the ag

The Lalit Golf & Spa Resort Goa
Position: #7 of 24
Located along the western coast of India in South Goa, The Lalit Golf & Spa Resort Goa is an all sui

Grand Hyatt Goa & Shamana spa
Position: #8 of 24
Expect nothing but the best at Grand Hyatt hotels. The most spectacular accommodations. The most sav

Heritage Village Resort & Spa
Position: #9 of 24
Goa. Open for all seasons. And to whatever you prefer. Go for walks. Relax. Take a cool dip. Enjoy a

Position: #10 of 24
MAYA SPA: Ayurveda is much more than the well–being of the body. Ayurveda defines health as ‘purity’

Snip Salon & Spa- Calangute
Position: #11 of 24
Hospitality is our Raison d’être. Generosity and Warmth is our genuine pleasure. Performing dail

Spa Hibiscus- Goa
Position: #12 of 24
Spa Hibiscus is a Luxury Day Spa - designed for You. We have a well appointed Spa, Gym and a L’Oreal

Kenilworth Resort and Spa- Goa
Position: #13 of 24
The Kenilworth Resort & Spa ensures you do more than just soak up the sun. Hotel services in the Hea

Sephora Salon & Spa- Fortune Square
Position: #14 of 24
Take the relaxing break of a lifetime with our selected Spas in Goa and Spa hotels in Goa. Each prop

Devaaya Ayurveda and Nature Cure Centre
Position: #15 of 24
Devaaya Ayurveda and Nature Cure Centre, situated at Divar Island is a unit of the Alcon Victor Grou

Eco Woods Village
Position: #16 of 24
Ecowoods Village Resorts & Spa is an eco friendly Beach Resort Nestled in a Blissful Seclusion with

Kaama Kethna - ecological village
Position: #17 of 24
Ayurveda was developed more than 5000 years ago by highly spiritual beings and means the ‘knowledge

Turiya Villa & Spa
Position: #18 of 24
Luxurious Turiya villa is a welcoming home away from home in peaceful south Goa. This 100 year old h

Alila Diwa Goa
Position: #19 of 24
Lose yourself in a world of sheer indulgence at Spa Alila. Revel in an array of treatments and thera

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Foot Ref
Foot Reflexology (30 mins)
A quick feel-good fix when you’re on the go. More

Body Tre
Body Treatments (all 45 mins)
Whitening Scrub Tropical Scrub Pineapple Scrub Green Tea Scrub Lemongrass Scrub Mint Scrub Mixed-fruit Scrub Apricot ... More

Body Wra
Body Wrap (60 mins)
Get baby-soft skin in just one hour. More

Aroma Th
Aroma Therapy Massage (60 mins)
.Aromatic oils calm the mind, body and revive a sluggish immune system. More

Hot Ston
Hot Stone Massage (90 mins)
Heated stones calm and de-stress as body aches and pains dissolve. More

Deep Tis
Deep Tissue Massage (60 mins)
Stimulates blood circulation and eases joint stiffness. More

Oriental Back Massage (30 mins)
A deep pressure point massage for tense back and shoulder muscles. More

Thai Mas
Thai Massage (60 mins)
This massage is especially recommended for those who suffer from lower back pain, arthritis, headaches, digestive pro... More

Balinese Massage (60 mins)
A combination of massage, acupressure, reflexology and aromatherapy. More

Hot Ston
Hot Stone Massage (90 mins)
Warm herbal treatment that calms the muscles and soothes the nervous system. More

Hot Clay
Hot Clay Pot Massage (60 mins)
Ease stiffness in the joints as well as boost blood circulation. More

Swedish Therapy
The most common and best known massage of the west, this massage uses lighter and rythemic strokes leaving the body r... More

Candle T
Candle Therapy
This is an exotic massage using candles With dfferent fragrances. The candles Melt into aroma oils and soy wax leavin... More

Deep Tis
Deep Tissue Therapy
A therapeutic and healing massage. It targets the sub layers of the muscles , especially for light and tired muscles.... More

Sports M
Sports Massage
This one is very good for people who follow regular sports. It is a systematic manipulation of soft tissues of the bo... More

Kichzi (
Kichzi (Potli ) Massage
A special Ayurvedic massage using heated mediacted herbs and medicated oils wrapped In hand size cloth bags and the b... More

Thai Mas
Thai Massage
It is a system of massage and assisted stretching developed in Thailand. This massage is performed on the floor and n... More

Balinese Massage
This massage is an approach developed in the Indonesian province of Bali. This technique Includesaccupressure, skin r... More

Signature Massage
A perfect blend of native and international Treatment, this includes stretching , Exfoliation of skin and a light and... More

Aroma Th
Aroma Therapy
A blend of Aroma oils are used to de stress mind and body . These oils are found to be beneficial in diseases caused ... More