Sejal Beauty Hair And Spa
Position: #0 of 149
Sejal Beauty institute is set up with an intention of offering high quality Beauty education. Toward

Diva Health Spa in Lonavala Maharashtra
Position: #1 of 149
Diva Health Spa in Lonavala Maharashtra is Best Body Massage Spa Beauty Salons Centres, Diva Health

AVZ Spa And Skin Care
Position: #2 of 149
AVZ Spa offers the unique blend of a Beauty Spa offering Body Massage Therapies, as well as a Wellne

Ojus Super Spa And Salon
Position: #3 of 149

The Koull Spa
Position: #4 of 149
A three-room Family Spa with all the Modern Amenities. Each therapy room has an in-built steam & sh

Bello Unisex Saloon And Spa
Position: #5 of 149

The Garden Spa
Position: #6 of 149

Red Spa
Position: #8 of 149

Pnash Beauty Parlour & Spa
Position: #9 of 149

Star Family Spa
Position: #11 of 149

Sai Mens Parlour And Spa
Position: #12 of 149

Zazen The Genuine Family Spaz, Wanowrie, Pune
Position: #13 of 149
Zazen..the boutique spa!!! Offers an array of relaxation and wellness services that revitalizes ever

Abhis Hair Skin & Spa Salon
Position: #14 of 149

Sofiel Day Spa
Position: #15 of 149
Sofiel they say, was an Angel who had the power to Heal using Mother Nature as her tool. We too a

Culture Spa & Beauty Salon
Position: #16 of 149

Palash beauty salon & spa
Position: #17 of 149

La Femme Beauty Spa
Position: #18 of 149

Serenity Family Hair & Foot Spa
Position: #19 of 149
erenity – Pune’s first unisex & all-family spa throws open a banquet of modern spa and salon service

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Swedish Massage with wintergreen oil
In this variant of the Swedish Massage, Wintergreen oil is used instead of Sesame oil. Wintergreen is known for its p... More

Natural Protein Body Wrap
Every body wrap begins with a body polish. After the body polish a mask is applied over the body. The mask is usually... More

Coffee &
Coffee & Cane Sugar Body Polish
Uses fine Coffee grains blended with Cane Sugar to exfoliate the skin. Coffee elminiates cellulite and firms the skin... More

Sea-Weed Body Wrap
Begins with a Coffee & Cane Sugar Body Polish. It is followed by application of a Sea Weed mask, that balances th... More

Ladies S
Ladies Sojourn, Premium
Upgrades body polish in the Ladies Sojourn package to body wrap. Comprises of an Aromatherapy Massage (Relaxing), Sea... More

Gentlemens Retreat, Classic
This unique package for men is designed to de-stress and rejuvenate. Comprises of Swedish Massage, Palmarosa & Yl... More

Gentlemens Retreat, Premium
Upgrades body polish in the Gentlemens Retreat package to body wrap. Comprises of Swedish Massage with Wintergreen Oi... More

Oriental Secret
Combines two popular Oriental therapies with a skin type facial. It comprises of Thai Massage, Foot Reflexology and a... More

Ayurvedic Wisdom
A de-toxifying and immunity-boosting combination of two ancient Ayurvedic therapies Ayurvedic Massage and Shirodhara More

A favourite with those who require a little extra attention to their back, comprises of Swedish Massage with Wintergr... More

O3+ Derm
O3+ Dermal Zone
Dermal Zone line is the result of many years of experience in the field of research and development into Cosmetics by... More

Quick Fix Anti-Pigmentation Time Expert (Trans Collagen Facial) Time Expert (Trans Peptide Facial) Horizontal Balance... More

Bleach S
Bleach Section
Bleach: Bleach referes to a number of chemicals which remove color, whiten or disinfect, often via oxidation. Full Ar... More

Face Ble
Face Bleach
Face bleaching refers to the practice of using chemical substances in an attempt to lighten skin tone or provide an e... More

A facial is a procedure involving a variety of skin treatments, including, steam, exfoliation, extraction, creams, lo... More

Facial b
Facial by "Lotus Herbals Professional"
Hydra Vitals Puravitals Rejuvina Gold Sheen Insta Fair 4 Layers (Advanced Whitening) Cleanup     More

Facial b
Facial by "O3+"
Seaweed Whitening Seaweed & Whitening Mezo Therapy Diamond Cleanup Seaweed Pack Whitening Pack Whitening Public P... More

Eyebrow threading can be used to eliminate a Uni-Brow, raise the arch of the eyebrow, or shape and definition to the ... More

Waxing is a form of semi-permanent hair removal which removes the hair from the root. New hair will not grow back in ... More

Brazilian Wax
Brazilian Wax is the process of removing all or almost all public and other hair in the pelvic area by applying hot w... More